Here you can play casino with your VISA card

VISA is almost globally accepted; it is in fact hard to find a vendor either on or offline that will not accept this as a form of payment. In addition, due to the customer protection offered by VISA, customers can shop and pay online happy in the knowledge that all transactions will be covered by VISA in the event of a fraudulent activity occurring.

Recommended casinos that accept VISA

CasinoDeposit processing timeVisitMinimum depositWithdrawal processing timeMinimum withdrawal
VideoslotsInstantVisit Videoslots£101-3 working days£20
GutsNot available N/AVisit GutsNot available N/A1-3 working days£10
NetBetInstant£104-8 working days£10
RizkInstantVisit Rizk£101-3 working days£20
SpinitInstantVisit Spinit£103-4 working days£10
10betInstantVisit 10bet£103-5 working days£10

Benefits with VISA

VISA works in any currency; the exchange rate will just be performed based on that day’s rate, which allows customers to purchase goods from any site or anywhere in the world. VISA also provides instant cash for any transaction and with all transactions recorded; it is an easy way to keep track of the balance.

Cons with VISA

For the most part, using VISA is a great way to stay safe, but there are some cons. These include things such as credit card fraud. Data input onto a fraudulent site can be taken and used by a third party. There are also sometimes fees or surcharges added to the transaction because the customer is using a credit card. In addition, overuse of the card can result in going over limits, which in return can incur unexpected fees.

How you use VISA

When purchasing something online, the system will always ask what payment method is to be used. VISA is always placed at the top, as it is one of the most common options in the world. After selecting VISA, there will be a series of boxes to fill in with the required information. This will include the exact cardholder’s name as shown on the card, the card number, expiry date, PPV and billing address. Once all the correct information has been input, the transaction can continue. Most cards will then be verified by a system usually set up with the customer’s bank before the transaction finally goes through.

Other places where VISA works

VISA is recognised worldwide and as such is available on almost any platform as a payment method.

Is it safe to use VISA?

VISA operates under strict client data protection rules. There are a number of encryption protocols in place to prevent fraudulent card activity. However, much of the safety of the customer does depend on the customer themselves. It is advisable to not save card information on any computer or mobile device regardless of whether it is a private computer or not. Users also need to beware of placing card details in fraudulent sits and it is worth checking if the site URL begins ‘https’ meaning it is secure, before proceeding with any transactions. VISA does have customer protection in place, which does protect the customer in these situations if money is lost.

VISA customer service, how to get help

In the event of any issues, contacting VISA is very easy. Most cards will have a contact number directly on the back but if the issue is a lost or stolen card then a number is provided online. As well as a variety of toll free numbers available (these differ depending on which part of the world the customer is calling from) and also an online contact form. There is also an easily accessible FAQ to be found on their main website which answers a vast number of the common issues.

Short summary of VISA

One of the largest financial transaction companies in the world, VISA provides financial institutions with the means for electronic transfer. Founded in 1958 in the United States, the company has gone from strength to strength and operates on a global scale. Recently surpassed by China UnionPay, VISA is the second largest card payment business and reports say that it processes over 100 billion transactions in a single year.

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