Verifying your casino account for withdrawals

When luck strikes, most people want their money as fast as possible. This may take a while depending on the rules of the online casino, their terms and conditions, and methods of withdrawal. Take the time to read through everything about withdrawals on the site when you register so you don’t get any surprises. If it’s your first time making a withdrawal, it’s best to verify your account as soon as possible to avoid the process dragging on and delaying the pay out.

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Why verify your account?

This is a safety routine online casinos use to make sure the player’s information is correct. When an online casino can verify your identity you are protected in different situations, especially against fraud.

Every serious online casino has professional procedures to guarantee that every step in the verification process is done according to the law. Submitted documents are kept safe and privacy policies govern everything concerning your personal information.

Below is a step-by-step guide to use when verifying your casino account for your first withdrawal (please note: this is a general guide and minor details may differ from casino to casino).

Step 1: Getting started

Along with your win, you will receive an email from the online casino you are playing at including a link that takes you to the verification process.

Step 2: Important documents

Submit a copy (or photo) of your identification document (driver’s license, passport, national identity card), preferably front and back as some will require both sides.

To verify your home address you need to show a utility bill, such as electricity or telephone, and not older than three months. Make sure the sender’s details are included on the copy (folded edges or blurry copies will not be accepted).

Step 3: If you have deposited money on the site

Submit a copy or photo of the credit card (Mastercard or Visa) that you used for deposit, preferably front and back as most casinos require both.

  • Take a screenshot from your online bank account to verify the withdrawal (a bank statement works equally well). Include all the digits of the account number and your name. To take a screenshot, do as follows:
  • Press the PRNT SCR button on your keyboard. A photo is taken and stored in the computers memory. Open your computer’s Paint or Draw Program and paste the photo. Save as an image file.


  • Click SHIFT+CTRL+4+SPACE. A photo is taken and copied to memory. Open your computer’s Paint or Draw Program and paste the photo. Save as an image file.
  • If you use an online wallet as a payment method (like Neteller or Skrill), send a screenshot where the username is visible.
  • A good tip is to submit as much information as possible to help with future withdrawals and never depend on only one method of withdrawal.

Step 4: Where do I send the documents?

This varies on which online casino you use, but usually the site’s customer service or support is responsible for verification. If you have difficulty in finding the information, most sites offer an online chat where you can ask. You can also find lots of useful information about verification in your own account on the site. In some cases, smooth functions allow players to upload documents directly through their own accounts.

Step 5: Format

Some casinos have a standard concerning the format and size of documents to be submitted, particularly when uploading directly to your gaming account. Make sure you check this out in advance to avoid unnecessary technical issues.

Step 6: Confirmation

The verification process is confirmed from the casino by email and the withdrawal speed varies depending on withdrawal method. If the process drags on, contact the customer service of the site to get an updated status of your case.

We hope this short guide has helped you in the verification of your casino account. Remember that the process differs from casino to casino, so read the verification conditions of your chosen site and any requirements that may exist.

Good luck playing!

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