Here you can play casino with your MasterCard

MasterCard has long been used in land-based situations. With the increase in technology, the recent years have seen MasterCard become popularly used online. Having a credit card in any situation is highly useful and can be used to pay for anything.

Recommended casinos that accept MasterCard

CasinoDeposit processing timeVisitMinimum depositWithdrawal processing timeMinimum withdrawal
VideoslotsInstantVisit Videoslots£101-3 working days£20
RizkInstantVisit Rizk£101-3 working days£20
NetBetInstant£104-8 working days£10
SpinitInstantVisit Spinit£101-3 working days£20
ThrillsInstantVisit ThrillsNot available N/AUp to 7 working days£20
10betInstantVisit 10bet£103-5 working days£10
888 casinoNot available N/AVisit 888 casino£203-5 working days£20

Benefits with MasterCard

MasterCard offers a line of credit to customers so that they can still purchase a desired item knowing they only have to pay the money at the end of the month. This allows for greater flexibility than many other payment types. All transactions are completed electronically. With regular billings, it also keeps track of purchases that are made over time. It is also very safe and secure due to strict practices put in place by the company. It is compatible with a number of e-wallet vendors, which makes it very easy to use online.

Cons with MasterCard

Because the card offers a line of credit, those customers who do not check their balance can easily run into debt as they accrue more than they can pay. There is also often a credit card fee for going over the designated limit on the card, and these cards also have high interest rates that can compound the problem.

This is how you use MasterCard

When a customer uses MasterCard online to pay for something, it is already attached to their bank account so funds from the bank will be used to directly pay for the items. The process of payment can be rather lengthy as it requires the customer to fill out a number of details including the card number, expiry date, PPV number, their exact name as seen on the card and also their billing address. If a customer visits a specific site regularly, these details can be saved so that there is no need to input all this information each time. However, new sites will require all information to be put in every time a transaction is made.

Other places where MasterCard works

Due to its enormous popularity, almost any site that has an online transaction system in place will accept MasterCard. Users should beware that each site is different as to whether there are any credit card fees attached to the transaction or not.

Is it safe to use MasterCard?

Paying online can be daunting but by following simple steps it doesn’t need to be. Paying using credit is the first step to being safer as this offers better customer protection against fraud. MasterCard has multiple encryptions in place to prevent a client’s data from getting stolen by a third party but it is also important that the customer themselves do not leave important banking details lying around. It is also sensible to never save any card details into a computer, particularly one that is used by more than one person.

MasterCard customer service, how to get help

MasterCard has excellent customer service that covers all bases. From an instant and free phone number for lost or stolen cards to information about accessing the account, there is help for everything. On the back of the card there is also a hotline number that can be accessed instantly. In addition to the phone lines, there is a simple online form that can be filled out detailing the issues and an FAQ that answers most of the common problems.

Short summary of MasterCard

Founded in 1966, MasterCard is a multinational financial business that is based in the United States. Originally called Interbank, it changed to MasterCard in 1979. Its long history has allowed the company to make constant improvements in the way they handle business and today MasterCard is available as a transaction method for almost any withdrawal and deposit types, both on and offline.

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