Play Online Casino With Your MasterCard Debit Card

Since April 15 2020, it’s no longer possible for UK players to make deposits with credit cards.

Are you thinking about using your MasterCard debit card to fund your online casino account?

The use of debit cards is one of the most commonly used payment methods. It is highly accepted among online casinos. Since it is common, you can expect that the minimum deposit requirement is low. At the same time, you can expect a low minimum withdrawal requirement and a high cashout limit.

What makes this one of the best payment options is the lack of processing fees. When you use a credit card, you have to pay to transfer funds to your online casino account. The same is true if you have to withdraw funds to your credit card. These are all considered cash transactions and thus will incur fees.

A debit card will not charge these transactions.

Since debit cards are commonly used as a mode of payment by consumers, there is a high chance that you already have one. This is actually a must for UK players since the use of credit cards is widely prohibited already. So one of the safest options is to just use a debit card for your online casino banking transactions.

While there are a lot of debit cards, this article will focus on MasterCard debit cards.

Recommended casinos that accept MasterCard

CasinoDeposit processing timeVisitMinimum depositWithdrawal processing timeMinimum withdrawal
VideoslotsInstantVisit Videoslots£101-3 working days£20
RizkInstantVisit Rizk£101-3 working days£20
NetBetInstant£104-8 working days£10
SpinitInstantVisit Spinit£101-3 working days£20
ThrillsInstantVisit ThrillsNot available N/AUp to 7 working days£20
10betInstantVisit 10bet£103-5 working days£10
888 casinoNot available N/AVisit 888 casino£203-5 working days£20

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About MasterCard Debit Card

When you have a MasterCard, it’s very easy for you to make a casino deposit. It’s one of the most recognized payment methods – both online and offline.

A Debit MasterCard uses the same system as its credit card version. But there is no line of credit. Instead, the funds from the debit card come from the amount in your bank account. That means the money from the debit card is your own. It’s not borrowed money.

What is great about using MasterCard is it’s one of the most trusted ones. If you are using your MasterCard debit card, you can be assured that all your transactions are safe and secure. You will not hesitate to use it when depositing real money into online casino sites.

The process to use it is also quite simple. You just have to provide your card details. The transfer is processed and you can start playing immediately.

Whether you are playing online casino through your desktop, tablet, or smartphone, you’ll find it very easy to set up this payment method.

Why use MasterCard debit cards to make deposits

Why would UK players use a MasterCard debit card over the other options? Because it’s the responsible thing to do! When it comes to choosing your payment method, you want to make sure your funds will not be compromised. At the same time, you also want an option that will keep you from losing control. Debit cards are perfect for this.

Here are the most common reasons why you should use MasterCard debit cards.

Most online casinos accept it

You don’t have to worry about online casinos that do not accept MasterCard. There is a high chance that all of them are MasterCard online casinos. Most online casinos have this as one of their banking methods. But before you provide your card number and other details, make sure the online casino is trustworthy.

One of the most secure payment methods

MasterCard is a leading global payment company. And there is a reason for that. They do not mess around with security measures. Of course, using your MasterCard debit card will only be completely secure if you use it on the right online casino. Check their security measures. Read a couple of reviews, specifically when it comes to bank transactions. How smooth was it? Or were there problems? Did the customer support provide adequate assistance?

Deposit transactions are fast

MasterCard casino sites can process deposits easily. You just have to provide the right information. When everything checks out, the deposit will be processed within seconds. You can find yourself playing for real money in no time.

Offers fraud protection

MasterCard offers amazing and responsive fraud protection. One of the most impressive is the Zero Liability Protection. This is offered to all MasterCard holders – whether you use credit or debit cards. If it is proven that there is an unauthorized transaction, you will not be held liable for it. But the thing is, you still have to report this. Once you suspect that there is an unauthorized transaction, report it at once so you don’t have to suffer for it.

How to use debit cards to play online casino games

Now that you know more about your MasterCard debit card, how can you use it to fund your online casino payments?

The details will most likely be different from one online casino to another. But with the popularity of MasterCard, you can bet that this will always be one of the deposit options you’ll find in every casino review. Maybe even part of the withdrawal option list.

So how do you start setting up your payment method in one of the best MasterCard casinos?

Create an account

Before you can make your first deposit, you have to register an account with the online casino. Provide the details required by the online casino. The steps to complete the registration process are usually simple and straightforward. Just follow the instructions carefully.

You will have to verify your identity. This is not necessary for you to be able to make your 1st deposit. But you have to complete it if you want to make a withdrawal.

Make sure that these details you provide during the registration are the same as your MasterCard debit card. This will make it easier to connect the online casino account with your debit card.

In case your bank account refuses to connect the transfer, there might be something wrong with the information you provided. Either that or the online casino is not legitimate.

After the registration process, you need to register your MasterCard as a new card in the account. Provide the card details as required by the online casino. By this time, you should have determined if the online casino is trustworthy or not. You want to make sure your card details will be kept secure.

Making a deposit

So what happens if you want to make a MasterCard casino deposit?

You have to log into your account first. Then you go to your Account Page. This will vary depending on the online casino’s layout. Some of them have a tab or button on the home page that will allow you to go straight to the Deposit page or instructions. The others will require you to go to your specific Account Page first to access your “wallet.”

Once you are on the Deposit page (or form), you need to provide the needed information and follow the instructions. Make sure you give the right details so the transfer will go smoothly.

Take note that there are usually no fees to make a deposit through a debit card. However, there may be fees but only if you are using a different currency.

The transfer of the MasterCard deposit should be reflected immediately in your account. Just take note of the minimum and maximum deposit of the online casino.

Making a withdrawal

What about making withdrawals through your MasterCard debit card?

Like making a deposit, you need to log into your Account. You have to go to the page that will allow you to make withdrawals. Sometimes, the tab or icon for this will be visible from the home page. If not, you have to go to your Account page.

When making a withdrawal, you need to have completed the verification process first. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to proceed. This is to ensure that the online casino can identify that you are who you say you are. It will keep people from withdrawing your winnings.

The process of withdrawing the funds will also be longer. There is a processing period as the online casino approves the withdrawal request. Not only that, but there could also be a fee if you withdraw through our MasterCard debit card. It is usually 2% to 8% of the amount. You should also consider the limits that your bank may have when making a withdrawal.

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