Common issues with casino withdrawals

Terms and Conditions

SPECTACULARIn the online casino world one often talks about ‘turning over’ money and winnings. It is really important for you as a player to be fully aware of the terms and conditions governing turnover in your online casino. They do differ from casino to casino, so you should never take anything for granted, and make sure you thoroughly read through the site’s terms and conditions. This is extra important, to ensure that you will not face disappointment once you start playing and the winnings show up.

It is actually quite common for players to have difficulties making withdrawals from their online casino, precisely because they did not read up on the terms and conditions of their specific site, when it comes to, for example, the turnover of bonuses and free spins. Never trust that a site has general bonus conditions. They are always uniquely adapted to each online casino, and it is your job as a player to inform yourself concerning your playing. Even bonuses out of the same casino can hold different conditions.

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Clear information should be available

Today all serious online casinos have their terms and conditions posted on the site, so no player can complain afterwards that there was not enough information and use this as an argument when they are unable to withdraw their winnings. If you as a player cannot, for whatever reason, find all the necessary information about, for example a unique offer or bonus game, you should immediately contact the site’s customer service department and inquire before you bet real money on any games.

Details concerning turnover requirements

Even if you are aware of the turnover requirements of the casino, it is also important that you find out how the amount of turnovers is counted by the site. It can differ from site to site. Let’s say that it states twenty times. Sometimes this only refers to the bonus amount, while other times it refers to both the bonus and the deposited amount (if we are talking about a deposit bonus). Also, remember that all so-called free games in the form of bonuses are not always valid as real games, meaning that you do not always have the possibility to win real money if you play. There are also other small details that can affect a potential withdrawal of winnings when you play with bonus offers. Therefore you should ensure that you have read the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Bonus games several times on the same IP

If you and someone else in your household like casino games, it is important to check whether or not the online casino allows more than one account from the same household (meaning the same IP-address). It is actually a fact that most online casinos do not allow more than one gaming account from the same household, which means that many players are unfortunately unable to make withdrawals as multiple bonus games from one IP-address are not valid. You should therefore check what the policies are before you open an account. Sometimes the fact that you’ve broken the rules is not discovered until you go to make a withdrawal.

Verification process

The first thing you do when you make a withdrawal is to verify your account on the site, which can take a bit of time. To avoid problems with withdrawals in the event of a win, and above all to avoid problems with the verification process not going through, you need to be aware of all the documents that must be submitted for verification. Find out about this when you choose the site to play on, so that you can get all the necessary information together from the start. Make copies and have these ready to submit when needed, and make sure all documents are in good condition. If, for example, you submit a blurry invoice as verification, it will most likely not be accepted, which in turn leads to your withdrawal not being approved. As far as copies of pay cards with which the deposit was made, it is important that they contain all numbers on the card as well as your full name. If you made a deposit by e-wallet, it is the username that needs to be fully visible on the copy.

Larger amounts in several installments

On some sites a common problem with withdrawals emerges with larger wins, which are not handled the same way that regular, every day winnings are. Instead of being paid out all at once, they are paid in installments. This does not happen in all online casinos, but it is worth keeping in mind so that you are not surprised if and when you get lucky. This is not really a problem, per se, but more a reality that you cannot affect, as it is really a matter of security. But it is important to know that it can contribute to the withdrawal being delayed. Online casinos that pay out big wins in installments have information about this on their sites.

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