Different withdrawal methods at online casinos

It always benefits you as a casino player to read up on the site you are playing at. Not only concerning game selection and bonus conditions, but also when it comes to the payment alternatives of the casino and the withdrawal methods. It can make a huge difference when, for example, you want to make your first withdrawal.


Which method should you choose?

HALDENIt is difficult to immediately say what are the best deposit and withdrawal methods. It is a wholly individual matter, based on you as a player and person. What is best for you is the method that suits you and your way of playing. You don’t necessarily need to work with only one method, as many people nowadays choose to use different options for deposits and withdrawal. Even Bitcoin currency are acceptet on various online casinos. One tip, however, is to always base your decision on safety when you choose withdrawal methods in online casinos. That way you can at least be sure that the money is kept safe and does not go missing. There are plenty of serious methods to use that all are guaranteed to be safe, and in order to choose one you quite simply have to look at their pros and cons. Some have faster payouts than others. To make it easier for you to choose, here is a look at some of the more commonly used methods for withdrawals from online casinos.

VISA and MasterCard


This is one of the most common methods for withdrawals at online casinos. It is a practical method since so far as practically everyone has a pay card from their bank, and in the case of casinos it works perfectly fine to use the same card for both deposits and withdrawals. You can easily make the withdrawals of your winnings using the information on the card. The payout is also quite immediate.


It can take a few business days before the withdrawn amount reaches your bank account. This can also take some extra administration on your part as a player, as the usage of cards often needs to be verified beyond the usual verification activity on the site.



This type of e-wallet is pleasant to use, as money is quite easily moved from the casino site to your virtual wallet. It is quite simply a middleman, which, above all, protects your identity against fraud.


Some see it as a disadvantage that you have to have your regular credit card linked to your e-wallet.



This payment method was founded in Sweden and it works with most of the big European banks. This method brings a safe and encrypted connection to your own bank, where you log in with your usual bank information, and sign off on the transaction. It also works very well on tablets and mobiles, which is currently not the case with all payment methods.


Trustly is a third party that uses your banking information (though we are talking about disposable codes, they still have access to log in information), which gives them access to that same information. There is no possibility to limit the amount of accounts Trustly can see, which means that they have access to exactly the same information as you do whenever you log in to your bank.

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