How can I verify my identity to complete a withdrawal request at VideoSlots?

Sometimes, you will be asked to verify your identity – especially if you are withdrawing a huge amount of money. This is for your own protection. It will ensure that you are really the one withdrawing the money. To verify your identity, you need to upload documents that will prove your identity, address, etc. Go to the “Documents” tab to upload the files.

How long will it take for VideoSlots to process my withdrawal request?

VideoSlots process withdrawals on a daily bases. Usually, this is done between 7:00 am and  11:00 pm CET. If you send in your request beyond this time frame, it will be processed the next day. The usual processing time is up to 24 hours. Within 5 hours after the submission of the request, you can still cancel your withdrawal. But after that, you can no longer reverse it.

Once processed, it will be up to the payment method how long the processing period will be. It can go from within 24 hours to 5 business days.

What is the withdrawal limit at VideoSlots?

The minimum withdrawal limit is £20. The maximum is £10,000. Take note that you may be required to provide additional verification for huge withdrawals. This is for your own safety because it is VideoSlots’ way of ensuring that you are who you are.

What are the steps to withdraw my winnings from my VideoSlots account?

To access your winnings for withdrawal, you need to log into your account first. Once logged in, go to the tab “Accountslip” that is found on your profile. Look for the “Withdraw” button and click it. Choose among the available payment methods. Follow the instructions and provide the information as requested.