How can I verify my debit card account at CasinoEuro?

Debit card accounts have a special verification process. First, submit a certified copy of the debit card. This should show the front and back of the card. Cover the digits on the card except for the first 6 and last 4 numbers. Make sure that CVV / CVV2 is also covered. This can be found at the back of the card.

What are the withdrawal methods available at CasinoEuro?

CasinoEuro offers different options to withdraw money. You have MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Bank Wire Transfer. These are not the same as the deposit options – which has more variety. So check the withdrawal methods before you choose your deposit options.

Do I have to pay withdrawal fees to CasinoEuro?

Yes, there is a withdrawal fee. The amount will depend on the payment method that you have chosen to withdraw your money. Sometimes, payment methods have minimum requirements. If you fail to meet these requirements, they can charge fees.

How much can I withdraw from my CasinoEuro account?

You can withdraw as much as £100,000 from your account. However, any amount that will exceed £2,000 will have to go through a verification process. You simply have to submit proof of your identity and billing address. This is to ensure that the money is being withdrawn by the right person. Depending on the amount, you might be required to go through a face-to-face or phone verification.

Can I request a cashout from CasinoEuro on weekends?

Yes you can. As long as you have sufficient funds in your account, you can request a withdrawal. To check your available balance, go to the “Withdrawable Money” on your account page. This is how much you can withdraw.